CATton Candy NIghtmare Tarot Deck

CATton Candy NIghtmare Tarot Deck


The NEW CATton Candy Nightmare Tarot Deck! Our full 78 card deck depicts felines and their skeletons as traditional characters, in an otherworldly pink and blue universe. Some are alive, some are dead, and some are in-between. The Rider-Waite structure makes this deck perfect for well-studied Witches, as well as anyone new to tarot! Pagan elements are woven into each suit with each featuring a unique color-theme. Made with high quality blue-core, coated card stock, these cards are soft to the touch yet durable enough to last as a divination tool for years to come. Each deck comes with a miniature manual featuring notes on each of the cards. Those new to tarot will fully understand each reading, thanks to our collaboration with Antifragile Tarot.


    78 deck of tarot cards
    1 mini guide book. 


    no returns at this time. If you experince problems with your order please contact us. You may cancel your order at any time BEFORE shipping.


    shipped in a foil, hot pink padded envelope (if it's by itself)