meet the artist 

PhantasMeow, the new name of pastel goth, was conceived when Saturn Santiago blended pink, blue, and decay onto the canvas for the first time back in 2016. This riveting take on the occult, fantasy, and taxidermy-conceptual art became a place for her imagination to grow; and like most dead things left alone in the dark, her artwork was stripped to the emotional bones. What rose from the grave was the CATton Candy Nightmare Series, a chilling set that blends her favorite colors into scenes that terrify and captivates the senses.

Saturn started practicing with all mediums in 1997; born from a family of varied artists, she was always pushed to grow her talent. Saturn’s early career consists of School of The Arts Programs, where in 2004 she was inducted into the National Art Honors Society. More recently, she has become an art instructor and is the cover artist for Horror Author
J.L. Gipson’s, The Effect Trilogy. aThe CATton Candy Nightmare series birthed it's own Tarot deck, successfully backed on kickstarter.  Stay tuned because projects keep coming with more prints outside of the CATton Candy Nightmare series, bags and accessories.