free gift on $100 orders!
free gift on $100 orders!


Black Cat Prismatics 

Black Cat Prismatics is closely affilated with PhantasMeow, and partners in many things, but at the end of the day are two separate parties. Reaching out to me (PhantasMeow) for custom orders while encouraged, will be redirected to the head of the BCP team. 

BCP is not a big shot manufacturer that I just order things from. They are a homegrown, do-it-yourself type team that has 1-3 members at any given time  (many times, it's just the owner, and myself working the machines) . So we ask for patience with turn around time on custom orders. 

respectfully, that will also reflect in pricing. I (PhantasMeow) do not have a say in pricing when it comes to non-phantasmeow 3d print products. All qoutes will come from a BCP member. 

Please check out their page 

Artisanal Jewelry

This pendant is 3d printed with resin, hand painted and sealed with enamel spray. please do not put this in your mouth. this necklace is not recommended for children due to some sharp edges and possible paint chipping if chewed on. 

This is a hand painted and hand assembled piece made with very delicate parts, please be gentle!


No returns at this time. If you experience problems with your order please contact us. You may cancel your order at any time BEFORE shipping.