free gift on $100 orders!
free gift on $100 orders!

TOS and Commissions



I currently only accept payment via Paypal or Venmo

Payment is due within 10 days of confirmation unless otherwise discussed.


  • You may upload the work on social media websites long as the artists signature has not been removed ( except when cropping an image for use as an icon etc)
  • Absolutely no AI generated or feeding websites
  • Credit is always appreciated, please tag me @phantasmeow!
  • Commissioned work is for private use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • For all commercial commissions, a contract will be made.


  • I will ask for your references, ideas and generate a price quote for you. If the quote is accepted I will provide my accepted payment processes.
  • all commissions will have a sketch preview that must be approved before I continue work.
  • For all commissions, you will receive a hi-res 350dpi copy of the picture sent to your email! 


I am ALWAYS happy to give you a live update on where I am with your commission. Please allow me 24/48 hours to reply before sending another inquiry.

Refunds and Corrections:

  • Corrections on anatomy/ feature, etc should be requested during the sketch stage. However if I send you a final product with obvious mistakes or the wrong colors/markings/etc I will happily correct things for you to the best of my ability. Once the final piece has been approved I will not offer free corrections at a later date.
  • Refunds are available in full up until the initial sketch is completed.
  • Canceling part way through a commission will result in a partial refund and delivery of the project as is.
  • Refunds will not be granted once the final work has been approved.

In the event that I must cancel the commission for any reason (*except harassment) the client will receive a full refund and all available work. In cases of harassment, partial refund will be given as listed above.