Looking for a Familiar to add to your alter? Maybe a desk pet to keep you company at home or work. maybe a sweet gift, or a little tokens to remember a late kitty by? consider adopting one of our sweet , 3d printed kitties. 

want more? reach out for custom orders :D 

files were printed, modified , and modeled by Blackcatprismatics on a prusa machine

this 3d print is printed in PLA and could have some pointy parts (such as the ear), this is not a toy, and we do not recommend to young children . They make great desk pets but we recommend not leaving them in the car or the window since PLA does lose its integrity in direct UV light. 

the original file for the 3d print is from pmoews on thinigiverse and we are printing it following the Attribution 4.0 International creative commons license they have on their design.