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free gift on $100 orders!

the Lie color morphs

On sale $15.00

I had fun doing some unique color sets, one of a kind and more than likely will never be done again!

✨She's here ✨
Introducing "the Lie" based off my very first PhantasMeow print " a lie is pretty to you"

A lie , the cat skull and moon has become an important image for PhantasMeow, a constant inspiration for the rest of my art. So much so it even turned into my logo for my business. This is a very special project I've been working on for PhantasMeows 5th year anniversary (even now that we are closer to it's 7th)

This necklace is 3d printed in resin, then hand painted and assembled.

The 3d printing was done by @blackcatprismatics . Blackcat also took the time to model the print based off my 2d art print.

This is a hand painted and hand assembled piece made with very delicate parts, please be gentle!

Image of sakura necklace
On sale
sakura necklace
Image of pawchette
On sale
Image of bury me
On sale
bury me
Image of vampire jaw stand
vampire jaw stand
Image of Familiar
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